Branislava Ilic - Branka Specialist Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Lymphoedema Management
Harley Street / Central London / SW London

Treatment Prices and Options

Home Visit/Mobile Therapist Pricelist:

Manual Lymphatic Drainage- Home Visit
30min - £70
45min - £80
1h - £100
1h30min - £150
2h - £195

Reflexology / Seated(Chair) Massage / Indian Head Massage
30min - £70
45min - £80
1h - £100
1h30min - £150
2h - £195

Swedish, full body / Relaxing massage / Deep Tissue Massage
45min - £80
1h - £100
1h 30min - £150
2h - £195


How does it Work?

Mostly my clients are requesting Home visits, therefore I work mainly as a mobile lymphoedema/MLD therapist caring all required equipment couch, towels etc in my car.

In case home visit arrangement is not suitable for the client there is an option to have treatment in Harley Street Therapy Centre where I'm renting practitioner treatment clinic on Ad Hoc bases.

Harley street clinic
Ad Hoc terms
To arrange
~as required by client and
~as clinic and therapist available

What will happen on appointment?

I do drive and carry my own treatment cauch and towels if required, or any other products
It would be good to have space in the house to place treatment bed.
Client will need to wear comfortable cloading and be prepared to undress if required.
Clients privacy and modesty will be always be protected durring the treatment with appropriate towel managements

First treatment appointment is including Initial Lymphoedema assessment.
We would have chat about your past and current medical hystory if there is any. That would surely be very helpful for establishing the most efective resoults of treatment and also exclude contraindication as an potencial risk.
Durring and after the treatment I will try to give as meny practical advices is required for your own education and management.
This includes general-self management advices such as skincare, exercises and compreassion garment or bandageing if required.
At the end we will together try to establis the most effective and appropriate further treatmant plan

Please do not hesitate to ask any questio before, durring and after the treatment

Contact Details



Branislava Ilic
Mob: 07824601973

Home Visit
Mon-Sun 7am-10pm


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